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Stephen Ministers: Lay Caregivers

What is Stephen Ministry? Simply put, it is trained Lay people willing to walk alongside a person going through a difficult time. They are there after;

  • The funeral is over and everyone has gone home. You are now alone with all your emotions and fears

  • The house is very quiet as your child drives off and waves good-bye

  • You just received word there is nothing more the doctors can do for yourself or a loved one

  • Bringing the new baby home and caring for him is so much harder than you thought ever possible

  • The director of the retirement home or nursing facility now welcomes you to your new home.

  • You just receive word that your job will end in several weeks

  • The phone call comes that you prayed would never come to you

  • Your loved one has been sentenced to jail and is being led away. Now what?

  • Your relationship has failed. Where do you go from here?


A Stephen Minister is ready to come alongside you or your relatives, friends, neighbors, or even a coworker to provide comfort and support for as long as needed.

Please visit to watch a couple of three-minutes videos to learn more about the difference this caring ministry makes in people’s lives

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